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Our Trading and Connectivity Solutions

We help our clients rationalise, automate and optimise their trading platforms to reduce complexity, cost and operational risk. Our cost-effective services in this space include:

  • Connectivity Review
  • Production Stability Advisory
  • Client Connectivity Optimisation and Management

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Data Management Experts in Systems and Connectivity 
We enable our clients to maintain their platforms with functional, scalable software and robust connectivity solutions.
Hatstand Cost Reduction Simplification and Cost Reduction
We have achieved significant cost savings for clients by executing complex migrations and decommissioning the tail of legacy systems.
Hatstand Connection Integration Specialisation
Our expertise include front office technologies such as order/execution management, algorithmic platforms and middle/back office integration.


Capital Markets Insights from Hatstand

Connectivity Review

Without connectivity solutions, buy side traders would not be able to reach sell side execution services or stock markets.  The increase in physical lines and associated application sessions over-complicates the management, support and cost of trading infrastructure.


We can help you reduce cost and complexity while increasing visibility by performing a specialist client, vendor and exchange connectivity review.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Methodology Defined methodology
Our methodology reduces complexity and cost whilst providing a clear picture of client connectivity activity.
Hatstand Specialists We understand our clients
Our connectivity consultants have worked in complex technical environments at prominent global investment banks.
Hatstand Analysis Extensive, in-depth analysis
Our reviews can help with data centre moves, inbound client line reduction, trading session rationalisation, and business and asset class mergers.


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Production Stability Advisory

Production trading systems are complex and dynamic. Minor alterations to an environment could be considered high-risk and any problems would be high-impact and high-profile.


We can increase your production stability by improving software release procedures, live monitoring and reporting - whilst ensuring you meet strict regulatory demands and mandates.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Specialists Specialist Experience
We have first-hand experience of working in high-risk production environments and understand the challenges and culture of our clients.
Hatstand Expertise Regulation and Risk
Our consultants have ready access to the Hatstand Regulation and Risk Experts and the Global Research Team.
Hatstand Team Vendor Neutral
We have in-depth knowledge of the different vendor products and solutions available to make significant improvements to production stability.


Production Stability Product Sheet Download

Client Connectivity Optimisation and Management

Workflow inefficiencies and process bottle necks can significantly delay the onboarding of new clients into your production environment - risking a loss in trading opportunities.


We reduce client onboarding time by removing process bottle necks and increasing automation.  Outsourcing management into a managed service can help you achieve additional cost savings.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Team Experts in FIX Connectivity
Our SMEs have skills that are invaluable for streamlining current state workflows and understand how complex FIX onboarding environments work.
Hatstand Specialists Relevant, specialist expertise
We understand the need to align strategic technical and business goals and the challenges of migrating sensitive client users from legacy platforms.
Hatstand Cost Reduction Understand your regulatory obligations
We enable our clients to better understand their regulatory obligations by ensuring that their Know Your Client processes are up to date and compliant.


Connectivity Optimisation and Management Product Sheet




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