Regulation and Risk

Regulation & Risk

As the regulatory landscape becomes more complex and presents more challenges, the need for financial institutions to remain compliant is paramount.  Our solutions include:


  • MiFID II Advisory

  • Cybersecurity 

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • IT Risk and Control

  • Sqreem – A software-enabled solution

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Business Solutions

Experts in Regulation & Risk
We provide advice and support tailored to a client's region-specific rules, regulations and business needs.

Hatstand Connection A holistic view
We'll build a holistic view of your current and future obligations to meet your regulatory needs - ensuring minimal repetition in the future.
Hatstand Specialists Your competitive advantage
We'll help you unlock your competitive advantage by addressing your regulatory challenges - including MiFID II, Dodd-Frank and BCBS 239.


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Hatstand’s approach to cybersecurity leverages our expertise in performing risk assessments and combines it with specialist and innovative software solutions, complemented by our well-established Green Beret Talent Development Programme.

We ensure that our clients have the tools, controls and processes in place to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from a cyber breach effectively. Our value-added products and services enable clients to shore up their cyber defences and governance.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Expertise Definition and Evaluation of Cybersecurity Programmes
Using regional regulatory guidance, we assist in the definition and review of cyber risk management and oversight.
Hatstand Delivery Control Risk Assessment Service
A critical assessment that enables you to better understand gaps, prioritise remediation and evidence your compliance to regulators.
Hatstand Connection Cybersecurity Surveillance
Our innovative software-enabled services help you identify anomalous behaviour resulting in unauthenticated or unauthorised traffic flow.


Hatstand Cybersecurity Product Sheet

MiFID II Advisory

The message from the regulators is clear:  Businesses need to show good progress towards meeting compliance deadlines.  MiFID II is no different - do you know your current risk state? 


Save time and money with our industry-recognised methodology to ensure your MiFID II compliance.  We will work with you to establish which obligations you need to comply with as an organisation, and by when, to ensure a regulatory change pathway for fulfilment of MiFID II/MiFIR.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Team Delivery and Approach
Our MiFID II experts will work with you to determine which regulations apply to you and help you plan ahead to become compliant.
Hatstand Specialists Advisory
We enable our clients to save time and money and achieve better outcomes with our holistic approach to compliance. 
Hatstand Expertise Industry Knowledge
Our industry experts assist with key target areas associated with MiFID II Advisory.  Download our product sheet to find out more.


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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Having a best-in-class AML programme is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Around the world, regulators have already started to implement policies around attestations; if you fail to adhere, you risk substantial fines and immeasurable damage to your reputation.

Hatstand’s Anti-Money Laundering services are geared towards helping our clients meet the demands of the regulators to ensure and to attest that their institution has sufficient systems in place to detect, weed out, prevent and report illicit transactions. 

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Team

Software-Enabled Solution
We're driving innovation with our blend of expertise and intelligence - optimised by specially-configured software.

Client focus

Client focus
Our modularised approach to AML enables us to provide a bespoke service that fits the size of engagement for our clients' organisations.

Hatstand Expertise

Partner, not Vendor
We become part of your team – motivated to achieve your objectives by building scalable capabilities.


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Sqreem - a Software-Enabled Service

Hatstand has strategically partnered with Sqreem, providing a software accelerator that will allow our clients to maximise the benefits of the alignment of machine intelligence, causal relationships and big data mining.


Using this innovative approach we are helping our clients to actively identify target insights, or passively detect formerly unknown factors/risks around:  Physical Threat and Anomaly Detection, Context-Specific Threat and Behaviourgraphics, Operational/Behavioural Risk Management, and Cybersecurity and Threat Detection.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Team

Fusing machine intelligence with Capital Markets expertise
We enable our clients to maximise the benefits of the alignment of machine intelligence, causal relationships and big data mining.

Hatstand Specialists

Industry experience and expertise
Hatstand applies deep financial industry knowledge, front-to-back, to the software application and use cases.

Hatstand Business Solutions

Bespoke to your organisation's needs
Alongside the existing applications of Sqreem, it can be quickly adapted to bespoke use cases to meet specific client needs.


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