Premium Terminal Optimisation

Premium Terminal Optimisation is the optimisation of processes and technology. It takes place in the form of desktop reviews, desktop audits and desk profiling with the ultimate aim of identifying and reducing unnecessary costs.

Many financial institutions have an overload of market data tools in their systems. With limited knowledge amongst businesses as to what is actually contracted, financial institutions are not fully utilising their existing contractual services.  With the pressure to achieve cost savings, the awareness of the need to improve efficiency and curb spending is hindered due to a knowledge gap.

The Hatstand Approach to Optimising your Terminals

  • Regular desk reviews and user surveys:  Analyse and assess daily workflows to establish what your requirements are.
  • Desk profiling services:  We assess what is currently contracted, what tools are available and what tools are most suitable for the operation at hand.
  • Product comparison:  We setup free trials of alternative software for evaluation, helping us to compare solutions to find the most valuable option for you.
  • Data cleansing:  We clean the database and hand it back over to the Market Data team, in a state that they can easily maintain and update.

Why you should choose Hatstand

  • Relationships and Productivity:  Managers are often too close to end users and don’t want to be seen to rock the boat. Our agnostic approach enables an enhanced relationship between MDMs and end users. Fewer distractions result in improved efficiency and greater focus.
  • Expertise:  We allow the client to understand the budgetary value and benefits of software and services – plus their contractual value. It’s not always possible for busy Business Analysts to make time to create stringent processes and clean the systems – so we’ll help fix them.
  • Cost Reduction:  We will fully audit your system and current contracts, assess the end users’ needs and requirements to provide alternative solutions.  We will help market data managers understand what their money is buying them, scrap the wastage and implement more cost-effective solutions.
  • Process Re-engineering:  We give Market Data teams a proven, workable process to follow to ensure that they keep their databases clean and support costs down. The ‘clean the system’ process becomes the Market Data team’s quarterly task which will become easier each time it’s carried out.
  • Experience:  We can identify other in-house problems with our breadth of experience and suggest other solutions to solve problems, whilst highlighting areas for improvement.

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