Data Management

Data Management Solutions

We help our clients define an understandable and achievable data strategy with a clearly articulated, desired architecture and a feasible roadmap for delivery with our solutions:


  • Premium Terminal Optimisation

  • Data Capability Management Assessment (DCAM™)

  • Market Data Optimisation

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Data Management Experts in Data Management
We deliver robust evaluations and tailored solutions to enable the delivery of high-quality data across your enterprise.
Hatstand Connection Strategic Solutions
We will provide you with solutions that address your data management challenges - giving your organisation a competitive advantage.
Hatstand has global reach

Global Reach
With offices in seven countries located within four continents, we have the ability to deploy specialists quickly on a global basis.


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Premium Terminal Optimisation

The pressure to achieve cost-savings and remain compliant is mounting.  This is compounded by the fact that many firms experience an overload of market data tools within their systems and limited knowledge of their contractual services.  

Our PTO service aims to both identify and reduce unnecessary costs and enhance your data management operations.  We achieve this through the rationalisation of data usage and optimisation of desktop solutions via user profiling and analysis of data requirements.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Specialists Specialists in terminal optimisation
The PTO service is carried out by qualified, experienced data management specialists with your bespoke needs in mind.
Hatstand Team Enhanced relationships and productivity
Our agnostic approach improves the relationship between managers and end users - improving efficiency and greater focus.
Hatstand Efficiency Achieve cost reduction
Our experienced consultants, extensive portfolio and solid industry relationships allow us to transform data management programmes.


Download Hatstand's PTO Product Sheet

Data Management Capability Assessment (DCAM™)

Hatstand is now one of seventeen partners of the EDM Council authorised to carry out DCAM™ assessments to help financial firms understand their organisation’s data management capabilities and regulatory requirements.Hatstand is a DCAM Authorised Partner

DCAM establishes your current capabilities and reveals gaps in existing processes. The results can be leveraged to inform budget spending and to assess your desired state.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Team A Topographic View
Our experienced SMEs will build a detailed view of both your current and future capabilities and the impact on business practices.
Hatstand Solutions EDM Council-Accredited Specialists
We'll assist with the assessment and documentation of the best practices required for a sustainable data management programme.
Hatstand Connection Strategic Solutions
We help our clients understand their data and the implications of the legislation and regulation on their programmes.


Download Hatstand's DCAM Product Sheet

Market Data Optimisation

Market Data Optimisation (MDO) is Hatstand’s holistic industry leading approach for optimising an organisation’s Market Data through Demand and Usage, Sourcing and Costs, and Governance and Continuous Improvement.  

Our robust model has been successfully used in some of the largest Tier 1 global banking institutions and buy-side firms. It builds on our PTO methodology which has delivered a minimum average of 20% year-on-year savings in premium terminal costs to clients.

How Hatstand Adds Value

Hatstand Specialists

Specialists in Data Management
Our highly experienced market data professionals have deep practical knowledge of the capital markets domain.

Hatstand Connection

Achieve simplification and cost reduction
We help clients understand what their money is buying them, scrap the wastage and implement more cost-effective solutions.

Hatstand Efficiency

Process Re-engineering
We give Market Data teams a proven, workable process to follow to ensure that they keep their databases clean and support costs down.


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