World Skyscraper Day: Top 10 tallest bank towers

To mark World Skyscraper Day on September 3rd, what better than a rundown of the top ten bank towers? These skyscrapers define their cities’ skylines and while not always the tallest, are among the most distinctive buildings.

We couldn’t allow One Canada Square and others like it on our list as they are shared office space buildings rather than owned by or named after individual banks. Here's our top ten bank towers worldwide. 

Goldman Sachs Tower, Jersey City, New Jersey Goldman Sachs Tower Jersey City.jpg

Completed in 2004, the Goldman Sachs Tower measures a whopping 238.05 metres and has 42 floors. The building was Designed by Cesar Pelli, who was also behind the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and One Canada Square in London‘s Canary Wharf. 

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

One of the older bank skyscrapers, the twin towers serving as the headquarters of Deutsche Bank were completed in 1984. Measuring 158 metres, the building was originally developed as a hotel for the Hyatt Hotel Group.

Bank of America Corporate Center, BoE Charlotte NC.jpg

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Built in 1992 and measuring 256.48 metres over 60 floors, the Bank of America World Headquarters is the most distinctive building in Charlotte. It’s the tallest building in North Carolina and the tallest between Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Citigroup Center, New York City, New York

Winner of an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects in 1979, the pitched roof of the Citigroup Centre stands out among the flat roofs of midtown. Built in 1977, the tower stands at nearly 288 metres.

UniCredit Tower, Milan, Italy

A recent addition to Europe’s skyscrapers, the UniCredit Tower in Milan was finished in 2012. At almost 218 metres, it is Italy's tallest building and is visible up to six miles away.

Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt, Germany 

Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt .jpg

Staying in Germany and Frankfurt, we have the stunning Commerzbank Tower. Built in 1997, this huge building is 259 metres in height, making it Germany’s biggest building. In fact, it’s the second tallest in Europe after the Shard in London.

US Bank Tower, Los Angeles, California

Completed in 1989, the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles was famously blown up by aliens in the 1996 blockbuster ‘Independence Day’. Standing at more than 310 metres, the tower was designed to withstand an earthquake of 8.3 on the Richter Scale.

Wells Fargo Center, Jacksonville, Florida

Finished in 1974 and standing 163 metres tall, the Wells Fargo Center is one of Jacksonville’s most recognisable structures. It was the tallest building in Florida until the One Tampa City Centre came along in 1981.

Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong Bank of China tower Hong Kong.jpg

Finished in 1990 and reaching 367.40 metres in height, this was the first building outside the United States to break the 1,000 feet mark. It remained the world’s largest building outside the US for two years.

Canada Trust Tower, Toronto, Canada

Also completed in 1990, the Canada Trust Tower is among the most distinctive of Toronto's skyscrapers with its TD atop the building. Measuring 260 metres, the tower has 53 floors.

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