Welcome to Bert Copello, or is that Billy Crystal?


Bert Copello shares more than just a couple of initials with Billy Crystal. In fact there was a time when the two were indistinguishable from one another.  Not quite Superman and Clark Kent, but near enough. Copello, who has just joined the Hatstand team in New York, was for some years a double for Billy Crystal as the latter enjoyed the peak of his acting career.

Thankfully for us, Copello saw a little less success treading the boards and entered the financial services industry back in 1999. He joined Soft Incorporated just before the dotcom bubble hit its peak and has not looked back since; a real life City Slicker.

When he’s not wistfully watching Analyze This and dreaming of starring opposite De Niro, our new recruitment star works to source the best talent around in finance and tech to support our US expansion.

He describes working at Hatstand as the “perfect situation” as this is a true consultancy with world class expertise in the right areas. Bert wants to grow alongside the US business and hopes for a lot more down the line.

“I would like to expand my presence globally,” he says. And if it doesn’t work out there’s always the Oscars.