Year of the Monkey 2016: What do Chinese zodiac signs tell us about animal spirits in the markets?

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Do we have animal spirits that guide our behaviour as humans?  If we take the late John Maynard Keynes’ theory and fuse it with the Chinese Zodiac, what does the Year of the Monkey hold for employees of the investment banking, capital markets and fintech sectors in 2016?



Often depicted as a goat, sheep signs are calm and kind-hearted.  They prefer to be in groups and hate being in the spotlight, so working in financial markets can often present challenges.  This year may be hit or miss, but as you goats love your classy city lifestyles you’ll be pleased to know that you may be set for strong financial fortune this year!


There’s much debate around whether or not the Year of the Monkey is bad luck for Monkey signs.  Don’t dwell on this, as you should have a fruitful work life this year.  2016 presents an abundance of challenges in sectors such as Data Management and Risk, but use your ambition overcome barriers and your intuition to sniff out the best shares.


Your efforts to improve your health last year paid off but don’t slack off – you have to work harder this year.  Get down the gym during your lunchbreak and de-stress. Working in banking is tough and the long hours aren’t always negotiable – so make an effort to spend time with family and friends.


Dog signs are one of the few signs that have a good, all-round 2016.  Make sure you take time out to rest or you’ll risk exhaustion – particularly true for those on busy trading floors.  It might be tempting to sign up for that marathon, the next extreme sport challenge, or even a complex new project, but ensure you’ve got the energy to succeed.


Hold on tight – this year may not be easygoing but stay focused and maintain your sign’s natural ability to concentrate on the task at hand.  Keep a clear head and be ever-willing to cooperate in the workplace.  If you’ve got green fingers, plant some hydrangeas in your garden this year and they’ll set you up for good fortune for years to come.


This year is your year – grab it with both hands!  Keep going the extra mile and you’ll reap the rewards.  Making an investment?  Make sure you get the right advice and check out all the options available.  Don’t just be part of the rat race, lead it!


You’re strong, dependable and independent, but remember that there is value in communicating.   This will help you really build on your career this year as success is on the cards!  Avoid risky investments this year and focus on maintaining the positive relationships that you have in life right now.  


You’re one of the most confident signs of the zodiac, so use this to your advantage this year.  Don’t let setbacks get you down – keep going and you won’t lose out.  If your fitness has fallen by the way side or you’re feeling the effects of too many nights out, now is the tip to nip it in the bud.



Was last year a bit average?  You can make 2016 better – especially when it comes to your career.  Keep putting in the hours and don’t let others impede your progress.  Think carefully when spending your money or investing in stocks and seize opportunities that come your way in the third and seventh lunar months.


Snake signs are super smart so approach each day with enthusiasm.  If you’re an analyst, your career choice suits your zodiac sign down to the ground but don’t slack off – keep working your way up the ladder.  If you have a special snake sign in your life, or if you’re looking for something to brighten up your home a little, opt for orchids.


Your good fortune is heavily concentrated in the health department – so invest in it and don’t take it for granted.  People born as rabbit signs are traditionally lucky people, so if you put your mind to it you can turn the dreary outlook for 2016 around.  Be sensible!

*This forecast was compiled with the help of the Year of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac Forecast on