'Mad as a Hatstand'

Year of the Monkey 2016: What do Chinese zodiac signs tell us about animal spirits in the markets?

Do we have animal spirits that guide our behaviour as humans?  If we take the late John Maynard Keynes’ theory and fuse it with the Chinese Zodiac, what does the Year of the Monkey hold for…

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Will robots take over finance roles?

Could Optimus Prime or C-3PO take over your job on the bond trading desk? Perhaps not tomorrow or even next year, but one day in the not too distant future robots could be overseeing the workings of…

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World Skyscraper Day: Top 10 tallest bank towers

To mark World Skyscraper Day on September 3rd, what better than a rundown of the top ten bank towers? These skyscrapers define their cities’ skylines and while not always the tallest, are among the…

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Top 5 surprising facts about Singapore

On Sunday 9th August, Singapore commemorated five decades of independence from Malaysia and hosted the biggest and most expensive celebration the country has ever seen.

The national party - SG50 -…

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Mad about … tennis: Wimbledon in figures

Not only have we got an Ashes summer in 2015 (good luck getting hold of your broker when the Lord’s Test is on), but it’s also the time of Wimbledon. 

Forget the tennis, Wimbledon is a social…

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Euro Wars:  Is Syriza a New Hope or will the Troika Strike Back?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

It is a period of civil strife in Europe. Radical Left-wing politicians, striking from Greece, have won their first victory against the evil Troika.


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Star Wars movie scene of Darth Vader in battle with Luke Skywalker

Five of the worst fat finger trading errors

For all the risk management strategies and investment in trading systems, there’s always room for mistakes to cause chaos in the markets. Trading errors caused by a broker pressing the wrong button…

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Is market performance written in the stars?

Safely predicting movements in financial markets is the holy grail of those who work in the industry. But while we can look to technical charts and the fundamentals of supply and demand, there is…

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Spain-China Rail Link: A 21st Century Silk Road

Who says progress is linear? From before the birth of Christ to the opening up of the sea routes in the mid-15th century, the Silk Road was the prime trading network between East and West. Silks and…

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Welcome to Bert Copello, or is that Billy Crystal?

Bert Copello shares more than just a couple of initials with Billy Crystal. In fact there was a time when the two were indistinguishable from one another.  Not quite Superman and Clark Kent, but…

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