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Rationalising Global Connections to Drive Costs Down, Visibility Up

Over the past fifteen years, investment banks have seen a massive expansion in global connectivity, encompassing hundreds of links to exchanges and buy side clients as well as infrastructure to…

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Rationalising Global Connections

Hatstand’s Checklist for Banks and Financial Institutions in 2016

It’s a New Year and it looks set to be another busy one for the financial industry. Here at Hatstand we look at three key priorities that we believe banks and other financial institutions should be…

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What to expect from blockchain in 2016

2015 was a stellar year for blockchain. Virtual money was certified by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a commodity; two dozen of the world’s largest banks joined forces with R3 to…

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Dubai looks East for global financial hub status

Dubai is no longer merely a leading regional financial centre; it’s now an emerging global hub for markets and securities. 

The emirate has been able to attract some of the biggest players to the…

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Dubai skyline at night with rich colours

Banks up the ante on blockchain

Disruptive technology doesn’t come much bigger than blockchain - the record of asset ownership underpinning bitcoin - and banks are taking a strong interest in how it can be applied to financial…

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Why tech firms are attracting bankers

You’d have to be mad to give up a seven-figure salary at a big investment bank to scrape a living in tech. But that’s exactly what a growing number of bankers are doing. 

Stu Taylor, the global head…

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The 5 worst exchange outages

July saw the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) suspend activity on its trading floor for more than three hours. The cause, a software update designed to test new requirements for trade timestamps. 


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Bloomberg planning MTF with new London trading platform

Bloomberg wants to create its first fully-regulated European trading venue with the establishment of a new London-based trading platform, ahead of regulations that will force certain…

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Britain fades as China tops banking league table

London, with British banks at its heart, remains a global financial powerhouse, if indeed not the most important finance hub on the planet.

But The City’s position seems threatened as the UK’s global…

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Greece crisis: The impact on trading

Greece is the number one story for markets this week after the country spectacularly rejected creditors’ plans for a bailout. 

A Grexit looks ominously likely and investors are starting to price in…

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Nasdaq Futures plans Stellar connectivity

Stellar Trading Systems will introduce connectivity to Nasdaq Futures (NFX), following the official launch of the NFX platform in mid-2015.

NFX will host a line of energy derivative products to…

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FIX Protocol top for post-trade workflow

The majority of market participants use the FIX protocol for post-trade workflow, according to a survey from the industry body that oversees the development of the platform. 

Three-quarters of…

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Financial industry eyes Nasdaq's block chain technology test

Nasdaq will use Bitcoin-style blockchain technology to enhance the equity management capabilities on its Private Market platform, in a sign that big financial industry players are beginning to see…

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Queen’s Speech 2015: What does it mean for business and banks?

The first fully Conservative Queen’s Speech in 20 years contained a packed schedule of bills for the year ahead. 

Bills on devolution, Europe and immigration; jobs, trade unions and skills - there…

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Run the bank versus change the bank

Banks continue to spend more of their IT budgets on day-to-day operations than on transformative projects.

This should come as no great shock to those in the industry - after you’ve allocated enough…

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A set of gold scales weighing gold bars and dollar notes

Tougher times for Australia's banks

Australia’s banks, and their shareholders, have been enjoying an easy ride. Since the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) began slashing interest rates in 2011 there have been bumper profits and returns…

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Water-side view of the Sydney Opera House at dusk

What does the election result mean for the UK economy?

There was a palpable air of relief in the City on the morning of May 8th. Champagne corks could be heard popping in some offices where, it has been said, there were also cheers as Ed Balls, the man…

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David Cameron stood at a conference lectern pointing his finger

Hatstand Breakfast Briefing Overview: Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Global financial IT consultancy Hatstand recently hosted two breakfast briefings with leading banks, discussing the pressing problem of total cost of ownership (TCO).

The events looked specifically…

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Riverside view of Canary Wharf, London

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership for banks' IT operations

Banks are spending more on IT this year than ever before. Budgets are on the rise and there is more money for financial technology projects.

Figures vary but total IT spending by banks across North…

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A large pile of American dollar banknotes

What will Britain's General Election mean for the Banking industry?

Regulation of banking is tightening globally but with Britons about to head to the polls the issue is forming part of the election debate.

Banker-bashing is a popular vote winner on the stump, and…

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David Cameron talking at a conference lectern

Singapore: The World's Most Expensive City

Singapore is challenging New York and London as the world’s top financial centre, but it’s already number one for something: cost.

The city was again named the world’s most expensive in a global…

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Dubai: The new global capital?

Dubai could become the centre of the world in under one hundred years, as population growth in Asia, Africa and the Middle East shifts power away from the Americas and Europe.

The city, the largest…

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Financial IT: What to watch in 2015

Here’s our look at the biggest things happening in Financial IT in 2015.


One of the biggest things we’ll be watching in the world of financial IT this year is cyber security. It’s a…

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The good, the bad and the ugly of HFT

It’s a murky business, dark pools and high frequency trading. But all not all HFT is bad news, says one of the practices fiercest and most vocal critics.

Brad Katsuyama, chief executive officer of…

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ECB confirms bond-buying plan

At Thursday’s conference, the European Central Bank (ECB) finally brought an end to the looming question about quantitative easing. The bank’s president, Mario Draghi, revealed that the ECB had…

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Can summer holiday blues cause market crashes?

It’s a trend that’s been noted through the years and has been called the “September effect” that inevitably sees stock markets take a plunge in the Autumn. Stocks drop and bonds rise as panic…

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SNB impact will be felt for some time

The aftermath of the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) decision to end the coupling of its Swiss franc to the euro is still rippling out through global markets. The losses are still being tallied, but…

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How many likes for a rate rise? Monetary policy to be decided by Facebook posts

In this era of big data and real time analytics, just about everything can be counted, measured and used to inform decisions. For some years now, social media posts have been a part of this makeup,…

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Fed pours cold water on leveraged ETF fears

Leveraged and inverse exchange traded funds (ETFs) are not as dangerous as critics have suggested, according to a new Federal Reserve paper that plays down concerns these products create undue…

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Banks gain Volcker reprieve until 2017

Banks will have longer to comply with the Volcker Rule, a key part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, after the Federal Reserve extended a deadline on certain areas of the act in a move…

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