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Green Beret Talent Programme

129-20150410163755467.pngTalent development programme helps organisations find and retain the right people with the right technical skills.

The Hatstand Green Beret Programme is an innovative talent development programme that provides junior professionals a gateway into Capital Markets. We aim to find the right people, with the right skills in a flexible and cost effective way, to ensure that our clients are getting the best consultants possible.

Our programme provides our clients with valuable Junior Consultants with 1-7 years’ relevant technical experience. With engagement typically lasting for two years, clients have the option to on-board high-performing junior talent into their permanent teams at the end of the programme, at no cost. Notably, Junior Consultants are part of Hatstand, resulting in employee development according to the specific needs of each client.

As specialists in capital markets, we deliver technology and business solutions to our clients within the capital markets industry. Additionally, we are a full-service consultancy and work with clients in financial centres across the globe and have the capacity to deliver local, regional and global services and solutions. We also have a proven track record of helping our clients implement large transformational changes, optimise their operations and manage their total cost of ownership to achieve cost savings.

We aim to help organisations develop and retain talent. And, as such, all candidates go through a strict selection process, ensuring that we shortlist only the strongest prospects. Junior Consultants undergo specialist training and professional development, bespoke to each individual organisation’s needs, whilst incentives are provided to ensure that the consultant completes the programme. All candidates will possess first-rate academic achievement, demonstrable technical skills and the passion to succeed.

The Hatstand Green Beret Programme sustainably builds a pipeline of junior talent - replacing the need to on-board more expensive senior hires and/or contractors in the future. Our Junior Consultants can also be hired as part of an organisation’s project teams; once a project has been delivered, our programme is a way of ensuring that knowledge capital and intellectual property stay in-house.

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