Launch Event: Take control and assess risk to reduce the burden of MiFID II

Hatstand MiFID II Unravelled 2015.pngThe pressures of regulatory change across the industry post-recession, such as MiFID II, have been monumental. This has resulted in stretching compliance, IT and other support functions to the breaking point, as they all scramble to meet with the demanding deadlines.  And the message from the regulators is clear, firms need to show good progress towards meeting the deadlines, and should have at a minimum tactical processes in place to meet the requirements backed up by robust planning for strategic solutions.

In light of this, a new attitude and approach is required – and one that embraces end to end thinking.  And the only way financial institutions are going to attain a true risk position is to take control by using true industry experts to build a comprehensive risk profile – of both new and existing risks - through detailed assessment.

If organisations are able to proactively approach the regulator with a clear, proven risk state and roadmap for achieving compliance they will not only demonstrate a complete, 100% awareness of the state of compliance but also demonstrate to the broader political landscape that financial institutions are committed to reducing risk and cooperating with regulators.

To help organisations, Hatstand is launching its MiFID II Delivery Methodology that breaks down the MiFID II Review into 12 self-contained modules allowing us to tailor MiFID II implementations for each client’s needs.  Our new solution is designed to help the financial services industry gain a comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance levels combined with operational and technical risk.

This event has now taken place!

Want to know more? Check out our blog post for an overview of the event and content of key discussions.